Membership Policy

  1. Interest in supporting the purpose of the YWCA World Service Council.
  2. Proven record of giving.
  3. Membership and leadership in YWCA affairs recommended, but not essential.
  4. Members are expected to give in-kind services and/or annual gift amounts with no minimum requirement.


Procedures For Election

  1. New members are suggested by current members or can be self-nominated
  2. The Executive Committee welcomes new members who are introduced at the annual meeting.


Member Benefits

  1. Invitations to the World Service Council Annual Meeting, the World YWCA Delegate Reception for the Commission on the Status of Women Sessions, and other events.
  2. Frequent newsletters with information and updates on the World YWCA, YWCA USA and advocacy issues.
  3. An annual report which outlines how funds are used that are raised by the World YWCA.
  4. Opportunities to connect and learn from women in other countries.